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Austin, TX

Austin - one of the main cultural collision points of Texas. The city where weirdness, coolness, and diversity thrives. ATX is one of our favorite spots in our home state for sure as well as one of our favorites in the U.S. The shops, the restaurants, the outdoors, and the cafe culture are all especially unique and growing. We’ve loved each time we’ve gone down there and it’s always memorable in many ways.


The Domain Northside

This area of Austin has tons of cool shops, including some that we especially love like Filson, Stag, and Weathered Coalition. Check this area out if you’re near it.

Stag Provisions off South Congress

This is the original Stag in the South Congress area and it’s possibly the coolest one of them all. The storefront is rad, the people are nice, and the selection is awesome. They also have the Daughters section of the store, which is a curated line of clothing, shoes, and accessories for women. This spot is always worth a visit.


Tyson’s Tacos

Tyson’s has some of the best tacos in Austin. They’re weird too, as you would expect from the city that prides itself in its weirdness. The queso is bomb. Watch out for birds.

Home Slice Pizza

Home Slice is a staple in South Congress and has some amazing pies. The vibe is dope and the grub is real good too. That’s pretty much all there is to be said - it’s some classic NY style goodness.


Hank’s is a newer establishment in Austin and has some amazing fares. Their brunch menu is perfect and the food is fresh and tasty, as well as well-thought out in its presentation. The space is beautiful as well and makes for the perfect date spot.


There’s a reason Austin has been called one of the best coffee cities in America. The coffee culture surrounding the city is extraordinary. Here’s some of our favorites from the many shops that are there.

Seventh Flag Coffee

Seventh Flag is a staple in Austin and the first shop we ever experienced while traveling there. It’s set up in an old house near South Congress and has all those nice, cozy, clean feels. The quality of coffee is great (they’ve used several different awesome roasters) and their support for other small local businesses is on point (you can find goods made by Frankie Jean for sale in shop). Overall, it’s a neighborhood favorite in South Austin and we love their brand ideals: “All Welcome All Ways” and “Our Country of Friends” - both phrases are exemplified well.

Greater Goods Coffee Roasters

Greater Goods has multiple shop locations and is one of the best examples of quality roasting in Texas. Their shops are beautiful and allow for a lot of openness and transparency in preparation and the full cafe experience. They’re simply dope and bring a fresh breath of life to the Austin coffee scene.

Flat Track Coffee

Flat Track caters to all things beans and bikes. Their shop has a dope aesthetic and they roast their own coffee. Their merch is also some of the coolest around. Come here if you’re in need of some personal fuel or are interested in anything on wheels - they’ve got it.

Hot L Coffee

Hot L is one of the newest coffee spots in ATX and it has a special community living room vibe. They use Merit Coffee and their shop is connected to the lobby of the new Carpenter Hotel. It’s very much a social space and the people behind the bar are kind and helpful. It’s definitely worth a stop.

Fleet Coffee

Fleet is a gem in East Austin. It’s a smaller shop but what they lack in space they make up for in quality. Their drinks are considered by many to be the best in Austin. The preparation is a key focus here and we believe they use rotating roasters. Fleet is always a must when making a coffee run through ATX.

Civil Goat Coffee Co.

Civil Goat has been one of our best finds for coffee in Austin. It’s a smaller shop and is home to some of the most unique vibes we’ve ever experienced in a TX cafe. They roast their own beans and design all of their products real well - we’re huge fans. The people are kind, they’re down to earth, and they truly care about their craft. There’s also a legit goat hanging out in the outdoor area that’s freaking awesome. It’s absolutely worth the somewhat out-of-the-way drive to the hill country in West Austin.

Honorable Mention

Pinewood Roasters (Waco, TX)

If you’re ever driving through (or to) the city of Waco - perhaps on your way to Austin if you’re coming from the north - then we can’t recommend Pinewood Roasters enough. After several visits over time, it’s basically become our favorite coffee shop in Texas. The coffees they roast are astounding, the space is so beautifully special and inviting, and the people behind the bar make amazing drinks every time. If you’re wanting the best experience you can get, Pinewood has it.

Overall, Austin is a city of abounding creativity and thriving culture, and it’ll be growing for a long time to come. We always get the itch to head back after we’ve been gone for a while. There’s no place quite like Texas’ capital.