The Modern Romantic



The Reality of Humanity.

Being human is a humbling thing. If you've ever stood below a towering mountain, stared out into the open ocean, or looked up toward the vast darkness of space at night, then you know the feeling - in a very literal sense. We, as humans, are extremely small compared to ultimate mass of this world, not to mention what is beyond, which makes our world seem like virtually nothing itself. But besides the literal fact of our smallness, we as humans also have deeply instinctual weaknesses. We are morally imperfect. We can have strange impulses. We often act in ways that only benefit us and not those around us. We don't like to listen. We never stop wanting to acquire more. In general, humans don't seem that great, if we're honest with ourselves.

However, once we realize that we are capable of such unsavory things and understand our nature, despite how deprecating it may be at times, we can begin to grow. People can harbor goodness within themselves. They can listen to those around them and make decisions that help to better the society they're a part of. People can build relationships that last lifetimes and encouragingly push others along on their journeys. They can put love at the forefront of their lives and help others seek truth and purpose fervently with them. People can create beautiful things and use their time on this planet to explore the countless other cultures and opportunities all around them. We can build up our own lives as examples for others through what we say and what we do, and always be intentional and real. When it all comes down to it, the reality of humanity can be a tragedy or a romance - it depends on how you choose to live your life, and who to live it for.

- N + C