The Modern Romantic



The Balancing Act of Open-Mindedness.

How often do we so easily assume a belief we hold is entirely true and unbreakable? It seems that people always want what they think is reality to be the truth for everyone around them, no matter what it takes. This isn't to say a faith or a moral standpoint that we hold is false, but rather that we should be willing to have uncomfortable conversations. If we hold a certain belief or opinion, we should be able to back it up with reason and conviction. Our modern ways of common discourse have become full of strife, ignorance, misunderstanding, and anger. There is a better way to talk, or rather to not talk. Listening is a long lost virtue in today's world - genuinely listening and processing different opinions. Have you ever thought about the concept that every single person you ever meet most likely can teach you something or help you grow? We can all greatly mature by listening and applying things to our own lives that we hadn't considered or understood on our own.

In essence, we need to be more open-minded to people whom we either don't understand or disagree with, despite where on the ideological spectrum one falls. Politics, religion, social issues, morality, even common sense - it all can be controversial and not everything is completely black and white. No doubt, there is value in discovering objective truth and standing firm in it - people need foundations by which to live their lives. We need to remain unwavering in our intrinsic purpose in this life, whatever that may be. Of course, should you fully respect everything that everyone says as reputable? No, definitely not - but people are worth our time and ears, period. Think with your head and also your heart. We as humans are so deeply divided in many ways in this age, although we shouldn't be, and there is no reason why we can't do our best to find common ground and even extensively think about alternative worldviews. This is a call to expand your horizons, to find truth, and to truly see the value in others and their vastly different life experiences. We all have worth.

- N + C