The Modern Romantic



The Importance of Contentment.

There is an underlying theme in society - especially American society - that says you must constantly be competing. You must constantly be improving. You have to keep moving. This is true, to an extent. A person should never get stagnant or too comfortable where they are - change is healthy and isn't always pleasant - but it is necessary. However, the point of this post is not to highlight the hustle, but rather the calm. How often do we stop and ask why we are doing what we do? You don't have to be at the end of the journey to be satisfied. You don't have to be perfect to understand what peace and sound-mindedness is like. Figure out what your foundation is. Is it weak or strong? Where does your happiness truly lie at the end of the day? This is the importance of contentment.

Being content doesn't mean getting lazy and postponing personal growth. It also doesn't mean you'll always be happy. What it does represent, however, is a choice to put aside the troubles of anxiousness and uncertainty. After all, you don't have to have everything figured out in your current life situation in order to be content with where you are. We're all climbing and we all have new goals constantly - nobody's made it. If you have dreams you want to see fulfilled, you can be content with the fact that they may not be existent at this moment. Dreams start with a conscious decision you make to pursue something and see it as real, and to give up any stubbornness or negative attitudes you may have surrounding it. Be flexible with your dreams and your growing pains. It is okay to be on the journey for a while. Remember who you are and why you're breathing. Keep your purpose and stay content in what you know and believe. It'll be worth it.

- N + C