The Modern Romantic


The Modern Romantic


Noah + Caroline

(Creators and Curators)


Our Story.

What started as a young romance and relationship turned into a flourishing passion for creativity and determining one’s own destiny. We, Noah and Caroline, are the people behind The Modern Romantic. We’re a couple, we’re business partners, and we’re two people who want to simply live out their dreams. We started TMR in January of 2018 as a vessel for creativity and it has grown from there in many ways. We find joy in making and curating quality products whether it be our own in-house goods or other goods from some of our favorite businesses. We also love to write, and knew that should be incorporated into what TMR is in some way. Expression through words about our life experiences, deeper thoughts, and travels throughout this earth can be found here. We hope to eventually have a physical space that highlights community and intentional design in every way and supports other local creatives, but for now, welcome to our virtual home. Thanks for stopping in.

Brand Philosophy.

The concept of the word ‘romantic’ goes beyond simply having feelings of love. It relates to viewing reality in an idealistic way, suggesting that there is a beautiful, harmonious, truly authentic perception of life which some people strive to tap in to and live out. These sometimes chaotic modern times we now live in call for such people, and for such deep values. We, through this business, or project, or great voyage - whatever you want to call it - hope to bring that sense of idealism, authenticity, and intricate beauty to life. Quality goods, unique design, and creative expression of words and photos are our current primary vessels. We’re based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and we love the community around us. We stand for all things true and good.